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From The Desk Of: Anders Eriksson


Dear Friend:

Just could not stay silent any longer!! Why? Because every few days of the week I send out an email and get incredible amounts of people clicking on my links in my emails.

But it wasn't always like that.

My Problem was (and yours too) ...

I would sign up for an affiliate program and then just promote the UGLY LINK they gave me.

My Outcome...

No sales...   None! Do you have that problem?

In fact, I did not even know why. I had no way to even track my hits!! - Do you?

My Solution...

I started to use a simple yet powerful secret to get my link click-thru rate up through the roof!  I started making a FORTUNE!

My Results...

By my first email I noticed that I was making sales like I never saw before.



Promote The Most Professional Looking
Links That People Want to Click

Stop Promoting Links That Scream:
You're Making Money On Me!"

Increase Your Sales By As Much As 400%

Create A New Campaign On The Fly

Track Hits To Any Link You Make

Track By Any Set of Dates

Redirect Or Mask Your Links (Cloaking)

Stop Marketing Thieves By Cloaking Your Links

Hide Your Affiliate ID So It's Not Replaced By
The Person You Are Offering The Product

Graduate To The Big Leagues

PowerLink Generator

Finally, you can track your clicks, make more sales, and keep track of all of your Affiliate logins in one place!


"...More Trust With My Members..."


 "When you sent me your private script a few months ago, I was just so excited. I saw what you were doing and I just loved it.

I am frequently asked to review new products all the time. Over 75% of the time I do not feel it is right to offer my valued subscribers. But when I do find a 'GEM', your great script allows me to show them that I truly recommend the product or service to them and they do not get distracted with some ugly referral link that we are all plagued with.

Your product has allowed me to earn more trust with my members."

— Michael Rasmussen

Are You Looking Like A Flat Out Embarrassing

Let's find out....

Here are some of the UGLIEST links I was given by some of the Top Marketers to promote in the last few months alone!!

Do you promote links like the ones below?




Is This Really You?













OH MY GOSH look at these !!





Now You Can Look Like The Big Boys!

Let's Be Honest

If you are asked to open an email and you see...

To: You
From: seller

Hi Jim,

I strongly recommend you check out this site. It can really help you get traffic to your website.

Here it is


Thanks for taking the time to look at this great program.

Your Friend,

Bill :)

News Flash Guys!!

They won't click on it. And if they do, they won't buy from you.

People hate to be sold! When they see it is an affiliate link, they hate to know you will make money if they buy. It is crazy, but it is true. They want to remove your id so no one gets paid.

And you wonder why you are not making sales??

I Feel Bad For People When I See this!

No, not Pity!!

Who needs pity? I feel bad because I see ads that won't make money. Reason.... it's just that NO ONE has shown people what to do.

I just had to do something. EVERY SINGLE DAY I get emails from my own members that have these UGLY links. I just had to HELP OUT!

Wouldn't You Like To look Like A Pro Too...?

How Good Does This Look with the PowerLink!! ?

See A PowerLink Below...

To: You
From: seller

Hi Jim,

I strongly recommend you check out this site. It can really help you get traffic to your website.

Here it is


Thanks for taking the time to look at this great program.

Your Friend,

Bill :)


Are You Ready To Go Professional?

So now I will tell you how you can increase your sales up to
900% or more!


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"Thanks For This Awesome Tool!"

"I just HAD to write to tell you that Power Link Generator is AWESOME! I've been looking for something like this for quite awhile. I've got several tracking tools/scripts but some of them are so complicated to setup and use that it's like a nightmare.

And they ALL still lack a VERY USEFUL feature that's included in your new script, affiliate login details. I love the fact that I can now save my login details for ALL the affiliate programs I'm affiliated with AND I can access them all right from within my Power Link Generator Admin Panel.

In fact, A friend and I were just discussing having a software made  specifically for saving our affiliate login URLs, usernames and passwords. You've just saved us lots of TIME and MONEY!

I also love the SIMPLICITY of this thing. At first sight, it didn't seem like much...but after playing around with the tools in the admin panel, I've found that this is MUCH easier to INSTALL and USE than ANY other tracking script I've seen to date!

Before, I had to use separate tools to generate a redirect page and a cloaking page to promote affiliate products. But NOW, I can use whichever I want just by ticking a box!

Did I mention I love the POWER wrapped into something so SIMPLE to INSTALL and USE? Thanks again!

Wow man, this thing is AWESOME!

Thanks for yet another awesome tool!"

Matt Fulger


"I Hate Ugly, Annoying Links..."

"I love recommending helpful products to my e-zine subscribers but I hate filling up each issue with a bunch of ugly, annoying links.

Thanks to "PowerLinkGenerator" I can create professional-looking links when I recommend any product or service. Great job!"
Larry Dotson


"Links Are Often Long, Cumbersome, And Daunting..."

"One of the challenges I've been facing, in promoting affiliate programs, is that the links are often long, cumbersome, and daunting.

Also, there's some resistance when folks see something that looks like an affiliate link, even when we know that it doesn't cost them any more. In fact, I had an occasion when I got some real pushback for promoting affiliate links on a mailing list.

With Power Link Generator, I can not only create a shorter and more attractive link, I can also cloak it so folks don't get all bound up in it being an affiliate link.

This system works! It's a must for any serious affiliate marketer."

Steven List

I have put together the a powerful and easy to use script. All you do is create a directory on your server like one of these...

(Directory On Your Server)

  • .com/recommends/
  • .com/presents/
  • .com/introduces/

...and NOW  you can have a link like one of these:






and watch your sales sky- rocket!

Look At All These Great Features...

You Get...

  • Promote The Most Professional Looking Links That People Want to Click

  • Stop Promoting Links That Scream: "You're Making Money On Me!"

  • Dramatically Increase Your Sales

  • Create A New Campaign On The Fly

  • Track Hits To Any Link You Make

  • Track By Any Set Of Dates Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days

  • Track Hits For Life and Reset Clicks

  • Unlimited Campaigns to Track

  • Work With or Without MySQL

  • Link Cloaking - Mask Your Links Hard in the URL Address Bar or use redirect.

  • Stop Marketing Thieves By Cloaking Your Links

  • Hide Your Affiliate ID So It's Not Replaced By The Person You Are Offering The Product

  • Easy To Use Wizard Gets You Going In Minutes

  • Graduate To The Big Leagues


  • You can store the Affiliate Program login URL

  • You can store the Affiliate Program User name

  • You can store the Affiliate Program Password

  • You can have a fast click to the login URL to check your stats

  • You can store comments on the Affiliate Program

  • You can store how much you get paid

  • You can store when you get paid

  • You can tag off when you were last paid

  • You can store the Vendors Contact name

  • You can store the Vendors Contact email address

PLUS, Added For Advanced Marketers...

These Brand New Features Just Added -
New 'Squeeze Page Bypass' (or Page Bypass) feature.
Use Squeeze Bypass Feature To:
Send promos to a sales page (or order form) and still use your affiliate link, while bypassing the squeeze page. Maybe the owner of the site just 'squeezes' names and does not follow up. Or maybe it is just a 5 day sale and follow up does not seem logical. Why DONATE your List?
Use Squeeze Bypass Feature If:
You want to send your members an offer for someone else's product but you send them to YOUR squeeze page instead of theirs. Then have your redirect link, after they opt in, be a PowerLink Bypass link.  It will bypass the Seller's squeeze page and send your member direct the seller's sales page... all while your affiliate id (cookie) is dropped. Now you can follow up with the members your self. No donating your list to anyone.
Use Bypass Feature If:
You find a product in the ClickBank Marketplace that is great but the sales page sucks! You can now write your own better sales letter for that product, and use your BYPASS link to drop your affiliate id (cookie) and send them from YOUR SALES PAGE to the SELLER'S ORDER PAGE! You make the sale as an affiliate and do not have to send them to a lousy sales page. How cool is that?
Use Bypass Feature If:
Just like above, you want to send people right from your email to the order page! Or even from your Blog, an article, or even a press release right to an order page.
Even Use Bypass Feature If:
You want to drop your Affiliate ID when people just read your articles on your website. If your article is on a Bypass link on your domain, the person will read your great review but not click on your link. They may type in they URL directly (naked link, no affiliate link) and normal you would not get paid, even though you were the one that convinced them to buy. But now, your affiliate ID is always dropped so you are guaranteed the sale if they buy. Great for Pay Per Click, Content Sites, and SEO

The possibilities are endless with what you can now do with the New Bypass Page Feature!

New! URL Cloaking (Masking) Update
You can now uses the CLOAK/MASK feature and not worry about your affiliate id not dropping through. We added a feature to make sure your affiliate ID will always drop thru, even when you use the cloak instead of the redirect.
New! Exit Pop Up Feature
Imagine the power of promoting Two products with just one link. So now you can promote any site like your normally do. But now, when they are done, you can have any new site appear as an exit Pop Up. Or You can use this feature as a Pop Under. This is great if your first promotion is just to a Blog or newsletter for just pure content. When they are done at that page, you can now Pop Up a related targeted offer with one of your products or as an affiliate.

Also Compatible with and...

  • Improves your 1ShoppingCart.com Links

  • Improves your QuickPayPro.com Links

  • Improves your PayDotCom.com Links

  • Improves your ClickBank Links

  • Improves your Amember Links

  • Improves your Ultimate Affiliate Manager Links

  • Improves ANY 3rd Party Affiliate Manager Links


  • Your Own Domain - ($9.99 at cheapdomainsonline.biz if you do not have one yet.)

  • Windows And Mac Compatible

  • Also! Use on as many domains as you want. Unlimited domain License

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't find this the best way to Track Your Great Looking Links and stop promoting ugly URL's just let me know in the first 60 days and I will issue you a prompt refund.


I am so sure you will find this one of the smartest investments you ever made and that is why I can offer such a great guarantee.


So go ahead! Secure your Package immediately...

Yes, Anders!

I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On This Incredible Offer!

Please Give Me Access To This Great Tool. I need It Now And I Need To Instantly Improve My Conversions On My Next Promotion!

Please rush this incredible stuff RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to get my hands on this script. I am ready to immediately get going and start making money with your "PowerLink Generator"

       Over 3000 Happy Users and Growing...

Only $97
$9.24 USD
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"Feel The Excitement Of Success!"

Our fun Wizard makes it easy to install or you have the option to have it professionally installed for you almost instantly! (For a small fee of only $25 we will have a certified technician install it for you if you have any trouble.)


"Fantastic Work!
... Exactly What I've Been Looking

"Your new PowerLinkGenerator is exactly what I've been looking for to keep my entire affiliate business organized!

The fact that the new 'style' of links maximize click-thru's is a definite bonus too. ;-) You did an excellent job with this one.

I'll be recommending it to all my affiliate marketing clients.

Fantastic work!
Jason Mangrum
"The World's First Free Online Manifestation Software"



Anders Eriksson

P.S. - Remember, your links will look great. Hijacker's can't see your affiliate ID, and you can track all your hits to every link you ever promote forever.

P.P.S. - People will just love your links as they think you are recommending a great service and it will not appear to them that you are trying to make affiliate commissions. Your customer satisfaction will be triple!

P.P.P.S. - Remember, I offer a 100% No Questions asked Full Money Back Guarantee.  Once you have access to this software, you can start earning hundreds of dollars just today. If after you change your mind and for some crazy reason this is not for you, simple ask us for a refund and we will refund you within minutes. You have nothing to lose, all of the risk is on us so download now.

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