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Whether you're a hardcore niche marketer or making a living from helping other people's Internet Businesses, creating your own information and content can be time- and effort-consuming in the long run it can be counter-productive instead.

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Maybe you make money selling information (i.e. E-books or publishing newsletters). Maybe you cash in on Adsense and PPC programs via building content rich web sites and blogs. And perhaps you're more than convinced on the powers of viral marketing with the use of articles.

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Article Sub-Package #1:
Affiliate Marketing (5)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #2:
Article Marketing (10)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #3:
Digital Products (10)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #4:
E-Book Marketing (10)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #5:
E-zine Publishing (10)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #6:
Free & Low Cost Advertising Methods (5)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #7:
Internet Marketing - General (5)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #8:
Joint Ventures (10)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #9:
Mini E-Book (10)

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Article Sub-Package #10:
Public Domain (5)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #11:
Search Engines (10)

Full list of articles include:

Article Sub-Package #12:
Squeeze Page (10)

Full list of articles include:

With These Articles, You Can:

Add content to your E-zine. Dispense useful information to your subscribers,

Create multiple reports. You can get all geared up for viral marketing by submitting your free reports to E-Book directories or as an incentive for your visitors to opt into your mailing list in exchange for the free report(s),

Add your own resource box. Include your own business details and website URL and submit to article directories. You can also change and rewrite the articles!

Create content based sites. Slowly dispense or throw a big shot into creating your ultimate web content and later, you can add in your own advertisements and even make money from Adsense!

Insert affiliate links into the articles. Earn back-end income on auto-pilot by inserting your own links or affiliate IDs into the articles. Anyone who purchases through you as a result of clicking on your affiliate link earns you money!

You can resell the Private Label Rights to the article package, in full or partial. The suggested selling price is for this article package is $97.00 - $197.00. Your customer can in turn resell the Private Label Rights, too.

And much more!

The restrictions that apply are:

  1. You CANNOT give away or trade the Private Label Rights to the product for free, in full or partial.

  2. You CANNOT use unethical marketing methods or SPAM to conduct your business with this product.

  3. You CANNOT under any circumstances offer more than 2 Private Label products from PLRGold Master Rights Package 4 in a bundled package, paid membership site, or bonus.

  4. You CANNOT sell this product, in full or partial, on auction sites such as

  5. You CANNOT add, use or impersonate my name, business name or any other of my business or personal information to the product. This product is for your own use, not mine.

  6. You CANNOT claim copyright to the product unless substantial changes are made to the product.

  7. All web site links (URLs) MUST point to business related web sites. In other words, no porno, gambling or other unrelated business web sites.

  8. You are responsible for customer service.

  9. Any violation of this agreement will be subject to a revoking of this license in which case all monies paid will be forfeited.

That's 100 articles in total! If you engage ghostwriters to write the same amount (and quality) of articles for say, $5.00 each, that would be $500.00 out of your pocket, which I don't think you're willing to let go.

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