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Dear Internet Marketers and Online Merchants,

The above video just showed you how, through using only 2 Search Engines and a couple of very simple Search Queries, I was able to gain access to hundreds, if not thousands of Digital Products being sold online, today.

This knowledge of how to obtain your products is out there, making it's rounds in popular Forums and Chat Sites. If you wish to keep selling Downloadable Digital Products online, it is absolutely essential that you take action today towards Securing your Download/Thank-you Pages!

I would like to take a moment and show you a post from a forum I visited that could very well be the worst Posting in a Forum that you, as a seller of Digital Products, may ever see:

Thank you, Looking

Today I'm going to tell you the easiest way I have found to get any online product for free. I found this info at one of the forums at the bottom page.

Most people don't know that Alexa's search engine is different from Google's and Yahoo's.

The first thing search engines usually do when they index a site is search for a robots.txt file which tells them which pages to index and which pages not to index.
This is helpful to webmasters if they want to keep certain pages of their site hidden from the public, for example the download page. However Alexa does not do this. Alexa ignores the robots.txt file completely and index's the whole site.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Go to google right now and type in "a charge from clickbank or CLKBANK beating adwords".

From that search, google returned us nothing related to the Beating adwords download page. However if we go to alexa and type the same thing in...

Well ,well, well. Look what we have here. The first result was the download page for Beating Adwords.

You can try many different combinations of phrases if your trying to find a specific product like:


This little secret of Alexa has helped save me thousands of dollars which other people waste unknowingly that they can actually get it all for free.

So don't waste your time at google typing in... site: ...and hope to find the download page. Head over to Alexa instead and you'll be surprised how much easier it is.

Absolutely shocking, isn't it. I also saw another Post, in another Forum, trying to be helpful, but in so doing they mentioned another Search Query that gave approximately 500+ results in Google for Download Pages of Downloadable Digital Products.

So...The question I must ask you is this...Do you want to keep giving away your Digital Products, or do you want to secure them so that anybody wanting your products must actually purchase them?

I have just created The E-Z Download Page Protector for those of you that are looking for a quick, easy, and very effective solution to securing your Product's Download/Thank-you page, (esspecially after seeing the above video and Forum Post). Not only that, but I am selling it at an exceptionally reasonable price so that even Merchants just starting their Online business who have a very small budget may afford it.

The E-Z Download Page Protector allows you to quickly secure your Download or Thank-you page without the need for your site to communicate with your Payment Processors site, (ie: PayPal's IPN system or ClickBank's Secure Key variable).

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The E-Z Download Page Protector works with all your current or new Download/Thank-you pages.

Your Download page will only be accessible to your purchaser for the amount of time you determine, it can be just until they download the product and close their browser window, (known as a Session Expiry), or they can have access to your Download/Thank-you page for any number of days you that predetermine.

Not only that, your buyer will never see the URL to your actual Download/Thank-you Page. It keeps your URL hidden, but shows your Download/Thank-you page in a secure Web Page instead.

I am so confident in the protection provided by The E-Z Download Page Protector that I'm actually going to give you the URL to our own Download Page right this very minute, this is the very same URL you'll see when you purchase The E-Z Download Page Protector! Here it is:

You'll note that when you view the above page, you receive a Web Page Expired notice. This is exactly what your visitors, or any devious person using a search engine will see if they try and view your Download/Thank-you page without payment.

Your Download/Thank-you Page will forever be secure, even if a purchaser of your's passes the URL on to a friend...Unless that other person purchases from your web site, they'll only receive the Expired Web Page notice!

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Anders Eriksson

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