"Discover How You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars A Year With Your Online Business By Quickly And Easily Creating Your Own Websites and Product Graphics!"

Don't let your lack of design skills keep you from creating your own great looking sites and product graphics. The "big guys" may pay designers to do this work for them because they don't know how, but when you're just starting out online, you don't have the money that the "big guys" do...

Now with "The Internet Marketers Guide To Website Design and Graphics" you can create the same great looking designs that all the successful marketers are using to sell product after product, and save yourself a bundle of money at the same time!

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Dear Design Challenged Marketer,

To run a business online you have to have one of two things... 1. The money to pay people to do things you don't know how to do. OR 2. Find the resources you need to learn to do the things you don't know how to do. These resources are sometimes very hard to find though. That's why I've put together "The Internet Marketers Guide To Website Design and Graphics". It will allow you to have the skills you need to survive in this business without having to spend a ton of cash!

So, exactly what's in "The Internet Marketers Guide To Website Design and Graphics", and how can it help me learn these basic skills that I need to know to get my business going?

Module #1 - The Internet Marketers Guide To Creating Ecovers In Photoshop

I've held nothing back here, and I'm going to show you all of the tricks of the trade. With this module, you'll learn...

1. How you can create your own professional eCover in less than an hour!

All you need is Adobe Photoshop program installed in your PC. You don't need to engage a graphics designer or even use any external plug-ins or third party software in the process yet I show you how you can still have your own quality eCover designed to look as expensive and exotic as possible - whether your product is selling for $10 or $1,000!

2. The secrets to creating a realistic eCover!

This manual is not about those that you already know so well. No, the techniques have nothing to do with the usual effects one would apply when creating an eCover in Photoshop environment such as Distortions and Free Transformation.

Learn what most average eCover designers don't know that YOU should know - because this is what will part you from the rest of the crowd and can very well be responsible for making you the next expert graphic designer!

How to Create background images that dominate the mood of your website while drawing attention to your content.

3. How to print on the cardboard and fold it!

How to have your covers pasted on each faces of the cardboard yet still sport a professional look and realistic angle!

4. Additional techniques that will put you years ahead of other graphic designers who are charging at least $99 for an eCover!

In addition to discovering their secret inner techniques that enable them to make you pay at least $99 for an eCover, you will learn additional techniques that will put most of the other graphic designers to shame!

What's being taught in this module isn't being taught anywhere online, and it's probably going to make a lot of graphic designers mad at me, but I'm sick of seeing people pay $97-$297 for every graphic they need!

I know when I first started online, I didn't have that kind of money, and you probably don't either. Even if you do, wouldn't it be nice to be able to not only save that money, but also not have to do through the hassle of dealing with a designer?

Okay, now if Module #1 got your interest, just wait because we have two more modules to go, that will really blow your socks off!

Module #2 - 3D Action Scripts To Bring Your New Covers To Life

3D Box Photoshop Action .ATN Scripts You Can Use To Easily Create eCovers For You Automatically and Professionally!

Take the lazy man's way with 3D BOX Photoshop Action and get your flat design molded and developed into your desired, professional eCover in next few seconds simply by loading and running these action scripts into your Adobe Photoshop program!

With these .atn scripts, you can now create your:

* 3D eBox,
* 3D eCover,
* 3D eZine, and
* 3D eReport!

You'll also get the step-by-step manual that will show you exactly how to use these scripts too! I'm not just going to give them to you and expect you to know how to use them. This step-by-step manual will have you up and going in no time!

We've gotten through two modules now, and there's just one more left. This last module will save you between $1000 - $3000 for every new site you want to create! No more will you have to put up huge amounts of cash just to get a website up and going!

With module #3 you'll not only save money, but you'll also save time and the headache of trying to find the right person to build your site. There's more that goes into building a site than money. The hardest part is finding the best person for the job. Don't put your business in someone else's hands! Now you can do it all yourself...

Module #3 - The Internet Marketers Guide To Web Design

This is where everything gets tied together. With this last module, you'll be absolutely unstoppable. In this module, you'll learn ...

The ultimate tools and software used by masters of web designing - and how you can take advantage of them, too, without being in the shoes of a newbie for too long!

Some of the BEST layout and color schemes you should use for your web designs, giving your web pages the BEST looks and feels for your visitors!

How you can quickly and easily design your own clean-looking banners, even if you have never done it before!

How to break into the CSS codes and leverage on this powerful component of web designing, whether you know what it really is or not!

The art of typing your fonts for MAXIMUM feel and best impressions to go with your graphic designs and web templates!

And achieve ALL of these UNDER 60 minutes!

In just 3 easy to use modules, you can quickly and easily pick up the skills you need to leave your competition in the dust, and at the same time look like one of the "big boys" without having to have thousands of dollars to hire people to create your websites and graphics for you!

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The Internet Marketers Guide To Website Design and Graphics is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers.

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