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DeskTop Pop
"With *DeskTop Pop* You can guarantee they will get Your messages
every time! DeskTop Pop is a brand new program that lets you build
mini applications that sit in your prospects system tray (The bottom
right of your screen next to the clock).
This little *silent salesman* quietly monitors the web page you tell it to
(as often as you want) until you update that page. When you do - Bam!
The application springs to life and lets them know! "

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Super JV Secrets
"Have you heard about joint venture marketing and joint venture
partners and you really do not understand the concept of how they
are fostered and how they can make you money? Joint ventures is
the new internet industry buzz word that is making new and
established business more online traffic, more sales, and
more profit then any other idea like it in years."

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Membership Millionaire
Silver Level
"This membership contains membership site courses, that teach
you how to make money building, managing & selling membership
sites & subscription services online. You will get instant silver level
access ($47 value) to the most up to date strategies, networking,
training, tools and more......"

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Product #6 - The Geeks Guide To SEO
Product #7 - Buying And Selling Web Businesses
Product #8 - Green Marketing Concepts
Product #9 - 8 Days To Cash On The Internet
Product #10 - Leveraging Yahoo Answers For Cash


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