Did You Know That Every Internet Based Product Needs Web Hosting?

Now You Can Capitalize On This Fact And Open Your Own Web Hosting Service.

Learn how you can set up your own hosting service and billing system, and finally get your piece of the web hosting pie!

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From The Desk Of: Anders Eriksson

If you have a website up on the internet right now, I assume that you are already paying someone for hosting, right? If you don't have a website up yet but are planning to this is for you too.

Every website requires a hosting account to provide a place for it to live. This is the file space on the internet for your site. Web hosting accounts also provide the infrastructure that is needed to run these websites such as email accounts and script handling.

Besides the fact that you are going to need hosting for your own websites, think about some other things you could do if you could sell hosting. For instance you can offer this as a value added service to clients that you create sites for or when flipping websites.

It is also a great way to create a recurring income. Think of it this way..

"Get 100 clients paying you everything from $1 to $10+ per month: that is $100 to $1,000+ per month - every month!"

You set them up, which takes about two to five minutes -- and then you are done! The best part: You continue to collect subscription fees for months or years to come!

That is just an example, but think of the power here. Once they have their websites up and running they are unlikely to move it. That mean a recurring income for you for a very long time!


Here are just a few reasons why you should have your own hosting service:

Host all your own sites at one fixed cost

Easy recurring income

Great add on when selling or flipping websites

Costs less than $30 per month to have your own hosting service.


..And lots more...

"I Will Show You Exactly How To Setup Your Own Web Hosting Service And Free Billing System"

"All You Have To Do Is To Follow The Simple Instructions Given In My Step By Step Video Series!"


This is just some of what you will learn:

Where to find hosting to sell

How to set up your web hosting domain

How to set up a free billing system


..And much more.....

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Addon Domains


Parked & Sub-domains


POP3 Email Accounts




Frontpage Extensions


Web/FTP Stats




Custom Cronjobs


Account Backup


File/FTP Manager


cPanel & WHM


Setup Fees


Overselling Enabled


No forced continuity: Please note that after the 90 bonus days, this reseller hosting plan will continue at $47 per year, only if you sign up for it on my reseller hosting site:

Overselling is enabled, meaning you can sell 20 hosting accounts with a 1 GB hosting plan - only the disk space / bandwidth used is counted towards the allocated space / bandwidth. Here's my secret: Stats from my own reseller business has shown that the average hosting account uses up less than 300 megs.. (you do the math)


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